Curriculum Vitae

Rocio Martinez
888 Xinzha Road, Jing'an District ◦ Shanghai, China ◦ +86 139 1831 0534 ◦ +34 635 49 59 69

2012 - Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura y Geodesia, Universidad de Alcalá (ETSAG)
Master in Architecture (MADRID, SPAIN)   
Final Thesis Project_ “Youth Center in Madrid” with three distinct but complementary programs: The Youth House, the Cultural Space and the Youth Hostel. The project tries to reactivate the social life of a deteriorated neighborhood from Madrid (Tetuán) and increase the migration of the population well as the rejuvenation of the citizens that in the last ten years has suffered a remarkable aging.
The project strategy develops a system that conquest interior areas of the neighborhood “apples” making them more permeable allowing the community to mingle in its inside though new reactivation program.

Jun2013-YTD             INGENOR Siglo XXI, Architecture and engineering CO.LTD  ( SHANGHAI, CHINA)                                  Junior Architect at Architectural Department
·         Architectural and Interior Designer
·         Participate in project teams assisting senior architects from different Ingenor Offices overseas (Shanghai, México and Madrid).
·         Generate ideas and design solutions collaboratively and independently.
·         Development of Sustainable Skills. Member of the program “Train the Trainers” - EUCC-European Chamber of Commerce (SH)
·         Taking part in business trips and site visits.
·         Involved in strong conceptual design skills knowledge of project presentations
·         Collaborating on Interior Design projects:
o    Robam Showroom (Hangzhou, China)
·         Collaborating on Architectural projects:
o    Global 100 Theme Park (Hainan, China) collaborating with EMBT Studio 
o    Kunshan Masterplan, Industrial Eco-Park (Kunshan, China)
o    Mayakoba Resort (Cancún, México)

Sept2012-YTD Crystal Design ARCHITECTS (BEIJING, CHINA)     
• ArchitectLandscape, Interior and Exhibition Designer 
• Developer of ideas and designer of architectural project 
        - Jiangxi Porcelain Museum (JINGDEZHEN, China)_景德镇
        - Dazhong Newspaper Group Headquarters (YANTAI, China)_ 大众报业烟台印务中心 

• Restoration and renovation of office spaces
• Accesit: Design Competition (Professional Activity Center COAM)

Jun 11- Aug 11 Architectural firm of STOCKPROJECTS (MADRID,SPAIN)                     
• Design Competition: Bus Station in Avila (SPAIN) ( Development of the idea, graphic
representation with plans, images and model)
• Sheet Layout for the presentation of architectural projects

Sept 10- May 11 Architectural Design Department at UAH (MADRID, SPAIN)                                                                                 Internship
• Mentorship of student projects
• Research on materials and innovative construction techniques
• Public presentations of personal projects
• Conducting a database of the best projects

• SPANISH, native
• ENGLISH, fluent reading, writing and speaking
                      * 2011 Course- Official Language School, EOI (Madrid, SP)
                      * July-August 2010 - ESL, English Second Language at Rice University (Houston, TX)
                      * 2005-2009- Summer intensive courses at International House and British Council (Madrid, SP)
• CHINESE, basic speaking
                  * 2013 Course- Fly Mandarin School (Shanghai, CH)

• Windows XP and Windows VISTA
• Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
• Design Programs: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhino, SAP2000.

Addicional Training Activities
• 2010 – Nikon photography course: 40hours
• 2008
      * Certificate: First international Congress For Sustainable Housing (MADRID, SPAIN)
      * Competition PLADUR 2009: Third Prize at ETSAG
      * ETSAG CoffeeBar (Second Prize)
      * Workshop on Communication and Teamwork (UAH)

• Experience in teaching private lessons. 3 years (2009-2011)
• Hobbies: playing sports, photography and traveling.